Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance Plans to Fit Your Needs

At Clear Path Financial, we can help you select the right health insurance plan for you and your family. We shop and compare health plan options from the most trusted health insurance carriers in your area.

Look to us for your short-term insurance, ACA (Affordable Care Act) individual plans, Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage health care policies.

You can enroll in a short-term health plan when you need it, any time of the year. This can act as a “bridge” until you get longer term insurance.

While short-term health insurance isn’t a permanent solution, it can protect you and your family from unexpected, expensive medical costs while you are temporarily uninsured.

Even if you’re unemployed, you may have a choice of affordable health plans that offer essential benefits required by the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Your income level and where you live could make ACA health coverage your best option—and we’ll help find the plan you need.

Incomes vary among self-employed workers, even from year to year. That could make affordable ACA coverage (comprehensive Affordable Care Act plans) a good option. We can help you find the plan you need to fit your budget.

We specialize in helping you find the right Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan that works for you and within your budget